Custom Builder in Lyndhurst Gives Five Good Reasons To Choose To Build

It is exceedingly difficult to decide whether to build or buy a new home. A custom builder in Lyndhurst can give five good reasons to choose to build a dream home.

You Get What You Want

By choosing a custom-built home, the owner is in total control of personalizing the outcome. All their dream ideas can come to fruition. Double-storey, open plan, triple garage, walk-in dressing room – name it, and the designer can oblige.  

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

The increasing awareness of your carbon footprint and ongoing changes in legislation means that newly built homes are increasingly more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. New systems such as rainwater tanks, solar hot water systems, natural lighting, solar panels, and double glazed windows are now the norm. Some great eco-friendly building materials include Natural Stone, Rammed Earth, Insulated waffle pod concrete slab and recycled/reclaimed wood and iron.  

These measures will not only reduce the carbon footprint but will also reduce the running costs of the household over the long term, providing ongoing savings for the homeowner.

Building Can Be Cheaper

Data gathered from various sources indicates that it can be cheaper to build than to buy in certain states, specifically Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. This is due to a variety of factors, including pricing and availability of materials.


Maintenance expenses will be low initially when building a house, as everything will be new and in good working order. These costs can be kept low over the long term by making prudent choices regarding materials and finishes utilised when the house is built. During the design process, the owner should insist on using goods that are high quality and low maintenance.

Buyers Grants and Stamp Duty

The First Time Homeowners Grant is available to home builders. The value of this grant varies per state. In addition, stamp duty (or transfer tax) concessions are available in some states and may apply to only the land, not the total cost of the build. These two aspects must be factored into the overall cost comparison between building and buying.

Ready to build? Contact Banyan Tree Homes, for an expert custom builder in Lyndhurst and allow us to turn your dreams into an exquisite, customised home. We will bring your concepts to life with a focused plan and process.