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What are developer approval guidelines?

Development Approval is a legal document that allows you to undertake a development. Development Approvals specify the design and other documents that the development must follow – i.e. plans for the location and design of the buildings and the structural details for the building such as the depth of footings.

What is a soil report?
A Soil Report is an official document issued by independent geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists which assesses the properties of your soil. A Soil Report will also indicate how reactive soil on the site is, and therefore how likely it is to move, expand, and contract over time
What is a community infrastructure levy?
A Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a fee set by the State Government under the requirements of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 to fund projects involving the construction of community buildings or facilities in newly developing areas. Council is responsible for delivering new facilities funded by the levy.
What's recycled water?
In most of new estates Recycled water is compulsory & should be connected to toilets, laundry & used for watering the gardening.
What are ‘standard inclusions’?
Standard inclusions refers to the range of features and finishes included in the basic price of a home
When will my house start?
Starting construction on your home is dependent on when we receive back the relevant plans, insurances and color selections, however it is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from your Pre-Start meeting.
Is COLORBOND® roofing a good option?
Yes, Colorbond roofing is a lightweight, but also very strong material. It can endure intense winds, is termite resistant, and non combustible. It’s also resistant to corrosion, chipping, peeling and cracking.
What are the benefits of roof tiles?
Tiled roofs are beautiful and durable. Long-lasting: A tile roof can last over 100 years. Clay and concrete tile roofs have been known to withstand hail, high winds, and even fire. Once you install tile, you will never have to install another type of roofing again.
Can I pick up a key to have a look at the house on the weekend?
UnfortunatelyWorkplace Health and Safety practices prevent us from providing keys for active construction sites to our clients. However, we are more than happy to visit the site with you, please contact your client liaison officer (CLO) to arrange an appointment.
What shelves are in my robes and linen?
Your robe’s shelves as per plan with hanging rails and the linen has four shelves.
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