What makes Banyan Tree Homes a great home builder?

Getting a home of your own is not a piece of cake, and Banyan Tree Homes understands this better than anyone else. Getting a custom home builder can be considered an act of figuring out a company where the homeowner can invest his money and finances. The Banyan Tree Homes team is fully committed to providing the clients with the maximum value against their investment.

To understand and figure out the factors which have always been the backbone of the vision of Banyan Tree Homes, keep reading!

Solution-oriented approach:

Building a custom home as per the client’s desire is a great project that can face a lot of challenges while being executed. Banyan Tree Homes has experts on board who strongly believe in providing the solution for fulfilling clients’ demand rather than asking them to compromise on their wishes. 

Skilled and experienced team of architects and designers:

A successful custom home builder is aware that they require a team of experts to build a custom home like no one else. Banyan Tree Homes has always considered building a team of skilled professionals who make homes with passion and add value to them at a larger scale. Experienced and skilled professionals at Banyan Tree Homes are always aware of the trends and techniques to provide clients with a custom home that is aligned with their needs and budget.

Value On-time Delivery:

When a client visits us and presents us with the dream to get a custom home, Banyan Tree Homes takes full responsibility for providing them with the right knowledge and the time frame that will be required to build a home up to their expectations. Our experts make sure that the client is fully aware of the timeline and the process of building a custom home to avoid miscommunication and build a home that they have always wanted. Detailed conversations among the client and the experts available at Banyan Tree Homes;the best home builder in melbourne ensures on-time delivery to the client. Our experts work wholeheartedly to avoid any delay in the delivery as we understand the importance and emotional attachment of the client towards the home.

If you’re in search of a builder who has all these amazing qualities to build a custom home, Banyan Tree Homes is the right place for you.

Custom Builder in Lyndhurst Gives Five Good Reasons To Choose To Build

It is exceedingly difficult to decide whether to build or buy a new home. A custom builder in Lyndhurst can give five good reasons to choose to build a dream home.

You Get What You Want

By choosing a custom-built home, the owner is in total control of personalizing the outcome. All their dream ideas can come to fruition. Double-storey, open plan, triple garage, walk-in dressing room – name it, and the designer can oblige.  

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

The increasing awareness of your carbon footprint and ongoing changes in legislation means that newly built homes are increasingly more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. New systems such as rainwater tanks, solar hot water systems, natural lighting, solar panels, and double glazed windows are now the norm. Some great eco-friendly building materials include Natural Stone, Rammed Earth, Insulated waffle pod concrete slab and recycled/reclaimed wood and iron.  

These measures will not only reduce the carbon footprint but will also reduce the running costs of the household over the long term, providing ongoing savings for the homeowner.

Building Can Be Cheaper

Data gathered from various sources indicates that it can be cheaper to build than to buy in certain states, specifically Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. This is due to a variety of factors, including pricing and availability of materials.


Maintenance expenses will be low initially when building a house, as everything will be new and in good working order. These costs can be kept low over the long term by making prudent choices regarding materials and finishes utilised when the house is built. During the design process, the owner should insist on using goods that are high quality and low maintenance.

Buyers Grants and Stamp Duty

The First Time Homeowners Grant is available to home builders. The value of this grant varies per state. In addition, stamp duty (or transfer tax) concessions are available in some states and may apply to only the land, not the total cost of the build. These two aspects must be factored into the overall cost comparison between building and buying.

Ready to build? Contact Banyan Tree Homes, for an expert custom builder in Lyndhurst and allow us to turn your dreams into an exquisite, customised home. We will bring your concepts to life with a focused plan and process.  

Top Trends Every Home Builder Should Tell You About

On the journey to building your new home, you have browsed many websites, looked through many architectural magazines, spoken with professionals and gained a significant arsenal of home build ideas, designs and inspiration. And while your ideas remain top of mind, it is still recommended to speak to your Lyndhurst home builder and contractor, who is sure to level up your inspiration and take your new home to new heights. So, before brick is combined with mortar, it’s important to speak to one of our home builders who should avail the following trends, among other inspirations, to you.

Technological Touch And Viewability

When building your home, your home builder should use home build designs that allow for technological integration and environmental control. From lighting to room temperature, sensors to thermostats, your home build should incorporate the strategic placement of technological devices for complete control over your living environment. Furthermore, on the tech talk, your home builder should create interior spaces which allow for maximum viewability of televisions and tech screens.

Eco-Friendly Design And Sustainability

A dream home is a sustainable and eco-friendly one. Any Lyndhurst home builder with a conscience should inspire you to go green with your home build. Renewable energy, such as solar panels, and manageable power systems, need to be incorporated into your dream home design and build.

Dream Homes Need These New Essentials

One of the top trends your home builder should tell you about is the essentials if you haven’t already thought of it yet. More and more homeowners are opting for that hidden laundry room – which is making a comeback – as well as that second storage garage rather than a two-car garage. Then, that ever-popular master walk-in closet is a must for that dream home, so be sure to incorporate these trending essentials into your home build.

From Floor To Ceiling

Your home builder should then tell you about industrial style lighting, which is hot on the list of home build trends. From industrial to sleek and simple, lighting is also being used alongside architectural accents such as tray ceilings. Tunable light bulbs and brass and gold-trimmed lighting are also being incorporated into the trendy home and are lighting the way for interior decoration these days. Then from floor to ceiling, new dream home builds are incorporating black, white and grey tiles into the wooden floor mix. Tile planks – from stone, metal or cotta – are the popular option, along with vintage tiles which look vintage but ever so fashionable.

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What To Consider When Designing Your Perfect Home

There are many sayings about what makes a house a home. Love. Good cooking. A warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you’ve ever rented a house or moved into an existing one, you’ll be aware that although you can change the colours of the walls and decorate the space in any way you like, at the core, it wasn’t designed with you in mind.

Perhaps some rooms are too small; perhaps your kitchen just doesn’t work with the way you want to use your kitchen. If you have the option of designing your own home from scratch, you have the opportunity to create a space that is absolutely perfect for you and what you need. This goes much further than how many bedrooms and bathrooms you’d like to have, or whether you want a single or double-storey with a balcony.

With the help of expert designers and home builders Dandenong customers can create a living – and thriving – space to call their own. Here are a few things you should think about while planning your home design.

Examine And Compare Your Needs And Previous Experiences

Think about all the things that bothered you about all the previous houses you’ve lived in. Consider your personal daily routines and how you spend your time at home. What is most important to you? Will having a great view from your study or home office help keep you in the zone or distract you? Are there not enough drawers and too many cupboards? Have the bedrooms felt too on top of each other in the past?

Making a list of all these aspects will help you narrow down what you do and don’t want in your new home, as well as what you can change to create an optimal living space.

Consider Future Changes

If you’re starting a family or have an already growing one, consider how your house will adapt as your kids get older. Create a vision of transformation for your home that will suit your family as the years go by, one where your home essentially grows with you. The baby room might be practical right next to yours for now, but later on, your teen may want a bit more of their own space. If you like hosting parties, consider several small entertainment nooks beyond just one main one.

Tying together everything you need and wish to have into one solid plan of action may be daunting. Calling in the help of experts who are dedicated to designing and building custom homes that truly make you feel at home will quickly put your concerns to rest and leave you excited about the day your dream home is a reality.

For the help of expert home builders, Dandenong based clients have come to know and trust Banyan Tree Homes as experts they can count on. Contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can help create your perfect custom home.

Top Tips To Build Your Custom Home On A Budget

There are many expenses involved in building a home from the ground up, and the processes involved can be time-consuming. And if you’re intending on reselling instead of taking the construction route, these processes can also be daunting for potential home buyers. It is therefore important that as a buyer, or if you’re in the process of building a new home, you find a custom home builder in Pakenham who’ll strategise with you to meet your financial needs.

For this reason, we’ve put together a few tips to help you budget-wise for your custom home build.

Cover Your Tracks – Financially

Building a home on a tight budget can be very challenging, and when you have to put up that first big payment, the shock can be more overwhelming. As a prospective homeowner, who’s purchased the ideal land for a custom home build, planning and paying can pose a challenge. So, paying off or covering a lump sum of your loans can help custom home builders support your vision and set up a clear payment schedule that won’t stress you.

You need to remember that this isn’t something to look at as a burden, covering your loans, that is, but a way to help you.

Leverage On Maximum Space

As a home buyer or homeowner, being involved in the design of your custom home is no surprise, especially if you’re building from the ground up. Make sure that as you do this, you give your suggestions but also listen to the recommendations from your custom builder Pakenham. Because, in order for them to help you reduce costs, they may ask you if you don’t prefer to go with some ways to save you space. Your home shouldn’t only be seen in terms of square footage or as a total area but more in terms of function.

The best custom home builders in Pakenham who understand your budget may suggest that you work on an open floor in your custom home design because this layout is trendy and allows spaces to be multifunctional. Blend your kitchen with the family room, or join your home office with an entryway. These types of specifics allow functionality even in the most compact spaces while maximising your home at lower costs on the project.

There are some instances where a custom home builder may suggest that, due to your tight budget, if you’d be comfortable with certain aspects of your home build, be left to you to DIY it. This, however, seldom happens. This suggestion may only be applicable to clients with the capabilities because they try to shave off some expenses with small finishing touches or decor you can handle.

Some of the tasks you can do on your own include ranging curtain rods and performing work on ceiling accents, and all at very low costs.

All these tips help homeowners or buyers who are not financially stable enough to have everything they want the way they want. However, a professional custom home builder in Pakenham will always be there to support your needs in line with your budget and specifications.

At Banyan Tree Homes, our custom home builders in Pakenham are always available to discuss your dream build needs and support you all the way. Speak to us today.