Are you looking for the perfect home design in Melbourne?

If you are looking for the perfect home design as per the dimensions of your land, then you have come to the right place. Banyan Tree Homes has the most impeccable team of experts that is capable of providing the best solutions, from material selection to home designs.

We are known for our befitting designs that are meant to satisfy all the needs and requirements our clients have for their dream homes. We make this possible every day with our client-centric approach paired with experts equipped with a high level of experience and knowledge.

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Whether it is custom-designed homes in Melbourne that you are looking for or builders who deliver designer homes in Melbourne, we have something for everybody, as we offer the most expansive range of services with ace quality.

Choosing the right people who will work on your dream project with you is the first step that can either make or break your dream home project. When we say that we are your best choice, we definitely mean it, and that is because of our undeterred work ethics and principles.


Contact us right away to learn more about our services and to build your space into a lovely dream.


Every step is made as easy as possible, and we use a wide selection of cost-effective construction methods that speak volumes about authenticity.


We never settle for second best when it comes to quality in new construction homes. Our home construction services speak for themselves in terms of quality, and each of our offerings comes with a warranty.

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For our customers, we create liveable homes. We emphasize providing the greatest service to our clients because we are a goal-oriented firm. The way we operate has entirely changed our concept of luxury, and we stand out in terms of a lot of what we have to offer.
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You don’t have to keep wondering if you’ve been trying to figure out which package or project effort would be best for you. We offer you a success rate that is more than accurate. When you choose us as your new custom home construction company, you can trust us to deliver the most outstanding results in the shortest amount of time.

How do you start building your home design with us today?

Banyan Tree Homes aim to simplify the process of designing and building in Melbourne, unlike other companies that only believe in complexifying the process of designing and construction in Melbourne.

Because there cannot be one approach to building home designs for every project, as each one has different requirements as well as starting points, it is advised to first get in touch with us. This will enable us to understand your starting point and requirements and help us chalk out a plan that suits you best.

However, one thing we make sure of at Banyan Tree Homes is that the customer is the prime source for finalizing everything at each step, from the material selection that will be used to architectural designs to pricing and budgeting.

How are our home designs different from others?

The most important factor that sets our home designs apart from others is the level of customization we can provide our customers.

Our goal is to incorporate our customer’s desires as much as possible along with quality.

We value the vision of our clients and understand how there are so many dreams in one’s eyes when it comes to building their dream home. Below are some examples to shed more light on our team’s commitment to delivering custom home designs:

  • Architecture styles

Whether you are a Victorian-style home person or a Hampton-style home person, we love you! You are allowed to choose whichever architectural style you want, and we will be happy to deliver it for you.

  • Custom woodwork

Getting to choose the material that will be used in your dream home is one of the most important decisions, and we offer just that. You get to choose everything about your home’s design, from tiles to the type of wood that will be used in your home.

  • Outdoor modeling

The outdoors of your home is as important as the indoors, and thus, we let you add your personalized touch to that too! After all, great and personalized outdoor spaces set the vibe for your entire home.

  • Integration of preferred technology

Not all of us want furnaces, but some of us do. Therefore, one approach cannot make everyone happy. Thus, when designing a custom home for you, we also take into account your preferred technologies.

The customization list can go on and on; thus, it is encouraged to get in touch with us to know more about it.


How do our home designs inspire the future with sustainability and eco-friendliness?

Banyan Tree Homes firmly believe that sustainability and creating spaces worth living in should go hand in hand. This is only possible if we incorporate eco-friendly practices and techniques into our other deliverables.

Read below to learn more about how we achieve this:

  • Energy-efficient spaces
  • Water-efficient designs
  • Ventilated spaces
  • Usage of green building materials
  • Minimal wastage

Apart from this, we also believe in regularly updating and training our staff so that they can introduce the latest eco-friendly techniques while designing your home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Starting construction on your home is dependent on when we receive back the relevant plans, insurances and color selections, however it is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from your Pre-Start meeting.

Yes, Colorbond roofing is a lightweight, but also very strong material. It can endure intense winds, is termite resistant, and non combustible. It’s also resistant to corrosion, chipping, peeling and cracking.

Tiled roofs are beautiful and durable. Long-lasting: A tile roof can last over 100 years. Clay and concrete tile roofs have been known to withstand hail, high winds, and even fire. Once you install tile, you will never have to install another type of roofing again.

UnfortunatelyWorkplace Health and Safety practices prevent us from providing keys for active construction sites to our clients. However, we are more than happy to visit the site with you, please contact your client liaison officer (CLO) to arrange an appointment.

Your robe’s shelves as per plan with hanging rails and the linen has four shelves.

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